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    Default Is WWE WrestleMania 30 Coming to London?

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    “The Informer” in the latest edition of the WWE Magazine has teased WrestleMania 30 coming to a city with 'Olympic' proportions' (below), of course the 2012 Olympics will be held in London later this year which is the first city that springs to mind however, WWE would have to strongly consider the time difference which would have a number of implications on the U.S. market and also the logistic cost of bring an event on the scale of WM overseas.

    ...of course "The Informer" could just be hinting at a former U.S. city which has hosted the Olympics.

    “WM29 is locked in for N.J./N.Y., but plans are underway for the 30th Show of Shows. The location? Let’s just say it’s a city of ‘Olympic’ proportions.”

    The last major Pay-Per-View event to come from London, England (excluding UK PPV's) was SummerSlam 1992 from Wembley Stadium, which is regarded as one of the best WWE PPV events of all time.

    COMMENT: Will WWE bring WM30 to London?

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    Would be epic, since I live in Belgium, which is not to far away, and will be 18 that year so i might go then

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    Lets Hope We Will See Punk Vs Austin at wm30
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