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    Red face | Ajay is now Disciplined Thanks To Daughter Nysa |

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    Ajay Devgan is a disciplined person now thanks to daughter Nysa. Gone are the days when Ajay used to stay up late, miss dinner and have more than two drinks.

    When Mumbai Mirror asked Ajay whether it was true that he hit the sack as early as 10pm when his contemporaries in Mumbai step out for a party, the actor said, Yeah, Im in bed at 10pm sharp every single night irrespective of whether Im in Mumbai or even on an outdoor shoot.

    Ajay explained that at home he is the one who puts his daughter Nysa to bed every night.

    I have two drinks and then I spend some time playing with Nysa and see her off to bed. Once Nysa is asleep, I have my third drink, eat dinner, watch some television and then go to bed, said Ajay.

    However, off late his sixyear-old angel has been insisting that he should have dinner with her and sleep immediately. Many times I just skip the third drink, added Ajay. In recent months I have started eating my dinner at 9pm after which I read for an hour to Nysa. She just loves reading and recently she called me from overseas to say she has bought a whole load of new books that she wants me to read to her as soon as she returns to India.

    After reading to Nysa for an hour, I automatically fall asleep with her. Even when she is not around, I start yawning at 9pm and I just tell whoever I am with to please excuse me because I cant stay up post-10pm, said Ajay.

    The adoring father says he is currently only a weekend dad because Nysa has school in Mumbai and can visit him in Goa only during weekends.

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