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    Unhappy | John Abraham injured.. | :( |

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    In an unfortunate incident, hero John Abraham fractured his foot while shooting a day-long cricket match for David Dhawan’s ‘Hook Ya Crook’.

    But the actor denies any speculation that his injury would affect any of his films’ shooting.

    “I really wouldn’t like to talk about it. But yes I’m in a lot of pain. Fortunately, no film is going to get affected,” John, who met with the accident Saturday.

    A close friend of the actor says that he continued shooting despite the fracture.

    “The hard ball shot straight through the air and bang into John’s right foot and he heard a distinct crack. John knew something had gone awfully wrong in his foot. But he continued shooting throughout the day because he didn’t want to disrupt David’s schedule which required special permission for outdoor shooting,” the friend said.

    It seems that the actor has a swollen foot and it was a fracture as confirmed by the doctors.

    Ask John’s girlfriend Bipasha on this, she says, “He shouldn’t have continued shooting with injured foot. It’s sad. But John was foolish to keep on playing when his foot was hurt instead of getting it checked,” she said.

    Well! The actor is having tough times of late – he was down with viral fever, lost his uncle, unsavory link ups with Katrina and now this foot fracture.

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