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    Default Ranvir Shorey introduces Salman in Ek Tha Tiger

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    An entire weekend has gone past by since the First Look of Ek Tha Tiger was revealed and the film continues to be the sole topic of discussion across the audience, industry and trade. While the promo has received a huge thumbs-up from all over, what has also been noticed is the voiceover that introduces Tiger a.k.a. Salman Khan. As has turned out, the voice in the background is neither Salman's nor director Kabir's. It is that of the most unusual suspects of them all, Ranvir Shorey.

    "There was quite some thought that went into introducing the film and Salman Khan. Since it is a teaser, it was a given that there won't be any dialogues in the film. However Yash Raj Films and Kabir Khan didn't want to unveil the promo just with visuals and the background score. Hence it was unanimously decided that there would be a voiceover doing the needful so that audience get a good enough idea of what the film was all about", says a source.

    Though Salman would have been an ideal choice to do the same, the idea was shot down since the actor couldn't have possibly introduced his own character. This led to further brainstorming and in the end it was decided that Ranvir would do the honours.

    "For Ranvir, it was a pleasant surprise because this is a first for him", says a close associate, "He has never introduced any other actor for a film, leave aside someone as huge as Salman Khan. He really worked on his voice, pitching and modulation to ensure that the right impact was created. He didn't have to make it all sound overtly filmy either and instead strike a good balance between keeping it stylish and hard hitting, yet subtle. The impact is such that many who have heard the voiceover have been led to believe that it is Salman himself doing the voiceover."

    Salman too didn't have any issues with Ranvir introducing him and his film and gave his go-ahead. What made the decision making faster was the fact that Ranvir also has a very important part in the film. Hence it became easier for him to introduce the functioning of intelligence agencies like RAW and ISI with Tiger (Salman) in the middle of them all.

    When contacted, director Kabir Khan confirmed that it is indeed Ranvir Shorey who has introduced his film and Salman.

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    best teaser of 2012

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