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    Default Samantha disappoints fans with her Makeup

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    The glamour of sexy heroines is quite irresistible for eligible youth to talk about. There comes a discussion about the pink colored powder coat of our dusky heroine Samantha. With Dookudu creating headlines everywhere, lead actress of the film Samantha is on an all-new high and seems to be much in the public eye now.

    Sexy damsel Samantha is a bit dusky in terms of complexion and needs a good layer of pink coat to showcase her in a milky tone. This is good when done for screen but is a looking scary during public meets.

    Generally, Samantha paints her face pink with a thick layer of make-up, which is looking quite awkward during public functions. Adding to this, her restructured eyebrows look quite unnatural with no appeal.

    Fans of this sexy beauty are upset when they have a glimpse of their favorite star outside. People are eagerly waiting to see Samantha in her natural tone rather than this powder-coat which is absurd and scary.



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