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    Default e2: Energy - Series (2007)

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    Global in scope and comprised of six 30-minute chapters filmed in HD, e energy features the engineers, policymakers and innovations that are transforming energy availability and consumption. Each episode covers viable policy and technology alternatives to the fossil fuel culture. Episodes explore: California as a world leader in emissions control; transportation and the need for greater efficiencies; ethanol in Brazil and its future in the United States; distributed solar energy as a means to poverty alleviation in Bangladesh; community wind in Minnesota and its role in regional economic development; and the role of coal and nuclear power in our future energy mix. Solutions-oriented, the series illustrates the trials and trade-offs that any evolution in our global energy system will demand. e energy is narrated by Morgan Freeman.
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    e | energy | PBS

    Harvesting the Wind
    E2 Energy -1- Harvesting the Wind on Veehd
    Energy for a Developing World
    E2 Energy -2- Energy for a Developing World on Veehd
    Paving the Way
    E2 Energy -3- Paving the Way on Veehd
    Growing Energy
    E2 Energy -4- Growing Energy on Veehd
    State of Resolve
    Veehd - Stream and Download Videos
    Coal & Nuclear: Problem or Solution?
    E2 Energy -6- Coal and Nuclear: Problem or Solution? on Veehd




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