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    Default Hrithik brands Bollywood as obsolete

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    Hrithik Roshan is flying high as he makes his international appearance with his next flick Kites with an international actress Barbara Mori and this has changed his views towards the industry that made him a star.

    Hrithik talking about his Kites says, “Kites is an international film shot in the US, in English, with a Mexican actress. There is no Bollywood song-and-dance. There is dance, but it is realistic, not Bollywood style. In Bollywood, if an actor has to sing, there is playback, and there are dances out of nowhere — and that’s obsolete now. This is a film for a world platform.”
    Mentioning the script of the movie, Hrithik says, , “I am very instinctive, and when I heard the script, I just jumped on the chair saying, this is what I’d like to do. Barbara was so refreshing, I watched her as a student. I’ve played a superhero before, but she embarrassed me.”
    Well if you find running around the trees and the dance sequences in Bollywood obsolete, then please Hrithik keep your word and refrain from being a part of the so-called obsolete Bollywood cinema in future. Lets see if you stick to your words or not!

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