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    Default Want to know what heals Priyanka?

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    Priyanka Kothari has recovered, well almost, from the injury that she had suffered a few weeks back during the outdoor shoot of ‘Agyaat’. In her own words, she is close to 95% fit and though she is refraining from running, she is able to manage brisk walk quite well.

    “Yup, my leg is now much better and I am just waiting to get back to the sets again. The injury was quite nasty and it was boring to be bed ridden but then the good thing is that I could spend so much time in Delhi with my parents. It was nice to be away from the hustle bustle of Mumbai for some time”, smiles Priyanka who would be resuming the shoot of ‘Agyaat’ early next month.

    What further aided her quick recovery was some water therapy that was advised to her by doctors. As per that, she had to use swimming pool for a reason other than swimming. Apparently, this therapy involves a treadmill which is installed inside a swimming pool and one has to use the equipment for exercising in the middle of the pool.

    “That was quite an interesting concept because something like this has not yet been introduced in India I met this doctor who made me watch some videos on how one could exercise with a treadmill that is installed in water. It is advised for all those people who can’t go through much physical pain due to a ligament tear (which I had) or any other reason. So, this water therapy is suggested where you can work out and do your cardio without hurting your muscles. I was caught by surprise when I saw how this was being done”, details Priyanka who used the spare time available to her for doing her own research on ligament tearing, muscle pull, hairline fracture etc.

    However, she couldn’t do the complete exercise as suggested since currently in India there is no such arrangement.

    “And I couldn’t have dared carry my treadmill into my building society’s swimming pool; that would have scandalised quite a few out there”, laughs Priyanka who chose to instead exercise in still water without any additional equipment being installed.

    “It is good to keep yourself busy and work on your body rather than sitting at home and feel all depressed about your physical state. That’s just not worth it”, Priyanka gets serious here, “Doing such exercises helps because they not just keep you busy but also ensure that your weight is under control, your metabolism rate is good and overall you are not distressed. So as you can see for yourself, in spite of this injury forcing me to stay indoors, I am keeping so happy today. Isn’t that great?”

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