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    Default Sonam Kapoor’s Twitter fight!

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    Being a celebrity is not a cakewalk. One has to be very careful with their words and actions, especially in public. But, when certain things go out of hand, they too feel the need to shout their heart out.

    Sonam Kapoor is one such star who always speaks her heart, no matter what. Recently, the actress blasted one of her follower on Twitter. Reason: She was being made fun off by the follower, for her acting skills, on the social networking site.

    The spat started when one of Sonam’s followers posted an interview by Anil kapoor which said, in the film industry, star kids have to struggle more than the non-star kids.

    One person retweeted it with a comment: “‘cos they generally have no talent.”

    To this, Sonam lost her cool and told the person to “f*** off”.

    The fight did not come to an end there. Sonam’s irritant @JayHind gave it back to her by saying: “@sonamakapoor Ah cool! We don’t mind abuses anyway as long as they don’t come in the form of bad films you sometimes star in. ”

    Sonam, to this, replied,: “@JayHind @Pseudo_Intellec no you didn’t its just fun abusing a**holes”

    The guy then apologized: “@sonamakapoor Touched a raw nerve there, did we? Sorry. @Pseudo_Intellec”
    ...being a human...

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    Publicity Stunt

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    Default Sonam Kapoor abuses her Twitter followers

    Of all the actresses in Bollywood, fashionista Sonam Kapoor appears to be the one who speaks out her mind without holding anything back. Sonam Kapoor believes in speaking her mind, even if it means using f*** word on Twitter. Sonam Kapoor, who is quite active on social networking sites recently shocked tweeple by abusing a couple of followers, when they doubted her acting skills.

    Abusing for followers started when when some tweeple re-tweeted Anil Kapoor’s interview that said – ‘star kids have to struggle more’

    Retweeting the story, a follower said, “‘cos they generally have no talent,” to which Sonam replied, “f**** off”

    @sonamakapoor Ah cool! We don’t mind abuses anyway as long as they don’t come in the form of bad films you sometimes star in. ,” said @JayHind in reply to Sonam.

    During an interview,Anil said,”t is a different kind of struggle that they have to do. Our struggle was different. Their struggle is that the expectations from them are more as they are celebrity kids. I feel their struggle is more than us.”

    “I feel Sonam has had a fantastic journey. She did a lot of hard work. It is a different kind of struggle that they have to do. If they do something good, people still expect more. There is certain expectation from her as she is the child of a celebrity,”Anil added.

    Since twitter is filled with all kind of people,Daily many celebs get hate tweets from there haters doesn't mean that star should loose there control.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dR boi View Post
    Publicity Stunt
    really got publicity
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