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    Life is enjoyable not because of how things are, but because of how you are. Enjoyment is a choice of how to be, not a reaction to what has been.

    Whatever you do, you do more effectively when you're enjoying it. Enjoyment makes you more interested and more interesting, more engaged and more engaging.

    The enjoyment you put into your own life spills out into the lives of those around you. And the more enjoyment you give to life, the more you have to offer.

    Even in moments of sadness, you can enjoy how that very sadness focuses you on what truly matters most. Even in times of disappointment, you can enjoy the powerful sense of determination you feel to get to work and make things better.

    Enjoyment gives you the power to fully accept what is, and then to make the very best of it. Enjoyment is a profound gift you can continually give to yourself and to all of life.

    Choose to put real, sincere enjoyment into this day. Choose enjoyment, and give power to your best possibilities.
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