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    Default Do Mallika Sherawat bared it all in Hissss?

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    MalikaHas Mallika Sherawat given a bared scene in her upcoming Hollywood film, Hissss is the first question that comes to mind after watching its trailer. Just recently, the first promo of the much in news anticipated Mallika Sherawat starrer Hissss is out and we must admit it does make for an interesting watch.

    The promo gives the impression that it is a no nonsense thriller that is certainly not meant for the faint hearted as it has plenty of blood and gore. A surefire Adults Only certificate cannot be ruled out from Indian Censor Board.

    The trailer shows Mallika Sherawat slithering in mud and becoming a deadly snake. She is shown covered in a body suit that fits her like second skin and during many times while watching the trailer it gives the impression that Mallika hasn’t worn anything.

    There are sequences shown with many murders happening. In one scene Mallika is shown slithering up a tree and baring her fangs and shocks your wits. Then in another scene she is shown transformed into a helpless woman. Also seen in the trailer are the film’s other Indian stars, Irrfan Khan and Divya Dutta.

    The plot of Hissss revolves around a snake woman played by Mallika Sherawat looking for revenge.

    Irrfan and Divya Dutta play a couple and reportedly there is a very passionately shot love making scene between the two. The film appears high on special effects.
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