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    Default Mick Foley Can’t Trust and Work with Dean Ambrose

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    Mick Foley revealed in his recent blog that he is no longer doing a program with WWE newcomer, Dean Ambrose.

    “Given my history of concussions, I would have to be an absolute idiot to place my future in the hands of someone I don’t trust,” Foley wrote. “Since I like to think I am not an idiot, I won’t be placing any trust in him [Ambrose]. He had the golden ticket, and he blew it, because he would not honor the simple request I made – to his face – to not include my children in any way in his tweets. If I can’t trust him to honor that simple request, I certainly can’t trust him not to take liberties in the ring.”

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    It's kayfabe.

    Foley will be working with Ambrose when he debuts.



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