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    The sad pictures from the IPL stadiums of South Africa are more or less

    The vivacious Preity Zinta and the suave Ness Wadia are no longer together. You knew, of course, that all was not well between the couple that was the toast of last seasonís Twenty20 tournament in India. Television cameras covering the matches of their team Kingís XI in SA, always caught the two sitting separately in the stands. Not even in victory, when the teamís management spilled onto the ground, were Preity and Ness seen together.

    Now the bubbly actress, who isnít admitting openly that her relationship with Ness is over, told BT from Johannes-burg, ďIím not dating anyone right now. If I did, I wouldnít hide it. But whatever the status of my heart, Iím certainly not the kind of person who would send out emails to people about my love life.Ē This, in reference to reports at the start of the IPL that she had sent emails to her team informing the players that while Ness and she were not personally together, they remained committed professionally to the Kingís XI.

    ďWhy would I do something so stupid,Ē she asked. ďDo I owe my team members an explanation on my love life? I donít even know their email addresses. For me, the line between my personal life and my work place is very sharply divided.Ē So, it seems, the actress is single and happy to be so. No, thereís nothing in the rumour that Australian speedster Bret Lee and she are seeing each other as well. Last season, the buzz was that it was Yuvraj Singh in her life.

    Preityís mantra used to be, never date a married man or an actor. ďThat rule for my heart is still applicable,Ē she said. ďTo that Iíve added one more group of people who are taboo territory to my heart. Cricketers. Going by my mantra of never mixing my personal life with my professional interests, Iíll never date a cricketer either. One doesnít go out with people whom one works with, itís as simple as that.Ē



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