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    Default Help Regaring an essay abt India

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    Hello everyone!

    This is such a fantastic forum, I really like it
    Anyways, I don really know if this is really the right topic here but...iam going to write an essay about english in india. therefore iam intersted in all in formation i can get for example;

    * Shop names, hospital names,news paper names etc (that are in written i english alpahbet, but are not english or is half english and half hindi, a sort of mix)
    * greetings (the different ways indian say greeting to each other during different ocasions, in ENGLISH)
    - if the greeting is changed when it comes to elder people also.
    * mixing hindi with english (for example; saying a whole sentence in English and one or two words in hindi)

    I would really, really appreciate if everyone could add something, from your daily experince eg. from work, schools etc. Since iam not indian, but iam familir with only the language hindi. idont really know these things and therfore i have been searching the net like crazy and still not finding enough of information and data. please everyone! I really appreciate it!


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    sorry i never been to india so cant help

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    For me To Kno..n U to Find out..



    Honey!..ur At the Wrong Site... n i Mean it in a Respectful Way...
    n The Best Way TO Start OFf on this Essay IS to GOogle InFO bout The Indian Culture n The Languages Spoken
    Its REalli SiMple..GOOd Luck!...
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    i don't even get it



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