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    Talking Ash & Akki - FUNNY Interview!! :D

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    Akshay: This is a fun film, absolutely different from Khaki, full on — it reflects the happy phase of the 1970s…
    Ash: Yes, the Rishi Kapoor era, with those handling the music, dance and fashion having a party with their creativity.
    Akshay: You weren’t born then! How many songs do we have — five together, you’ve got an extra one, na? Remember the first time? The dance steps I couldn’t get right for Khaki? You were so good. I was, like, doing aerobics!
    Ash: That’s your style! But what’s with you… when we work, you’re really quick, it doesn’t take you time. I remember the first time we met, at Madh Island to do a ‘stylised picture shoot’ for a filmi magazine. I was just getting into the industry. We had to be covered with sand and sea!
    Akshay: It was 1995-96…
    Ash: Sssshhh, that reveals our ages!
    Akshay: But we’re still around… and still struggling!
    Ash: You’re done struggling. You’ve got your due in the last five years.
    Akshay: But I want more!
    Ash: This is an exciting time for creativity in the industry. There are so many different genres. You just put it out there and see what everybody will find.
    Akshay: Yeah, like Chak De! India. People know what hockey’s all about, but to make a film on it… Even Singh Is King. Bollywood has had Sardar characters. But nobody has played a Sardar throughout the film as hero. I stood up and took the risk.
    Ash: That’s what I like about Action Replayy… it’s a fun genre romantic film.
    Akshay: Fun? You’re forgetting the wigs! And two hours of makeup. I have no patience. Do they put that gum on you?
    Ash : No, it depends on what your look is…
    Akshay: Gulshan Grover loves this kind of thing, I don’t. Why are you smiling?
    Ash: I’m thinking of Hrithik in Jodhaa-Akbar and Shah Rukh in Devdas… their hours of agony doing makeup! And Hrithik coming out and bowing to me and saying, “Full respect!” because he finally knew what we actresses go through.
    Akshay: Rubbish, the heroes are always saying, “Heoine ko jaldi bulao!” But, seriously, you enjoy two-and-half hours of being made up?
    Ash:You can’t enjoy it. This is not vanity. It’s trying our patience.
    Akshay: You know what tries my patience? The ease with which you remember all your lines when I’m mentally struggling to cope. And then you prompt me! Which makes me sick. Because you’ve learned my lines as well…

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