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Thread: Dadís Hair

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    Default Dadís Hair

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    Dadís Hair

    Son :- Why Some Of your Hair Are
    White Dad ?

    DAD : Ė Every Time A Son Make His Dad
    Unhappy ,

    One Of His Fatherís Hair Turns White Ö..

    KID :- Now I UnderstandÖ Okay but Why are
    Grandpaís Hairs All WhiteÖxP

    Dad: !£$%^&*()

    Moral: Never Lie, Even when Joking!!!!


    Momís Eyes

    Mother Ė Son, What If I Lose My Vision?

    Son Ė Iíll Take You To The Best Eye Hospital in The Country.
    Mother Ė And What If I Donít Get My Vision Cured There?
    Son Ė Iíll Take You To The Best Eye Hospital in The World.
    Mother Ė if they are still un able to treat me then ?
    Son Ė I will take care of u for Life time Mother.
    Mother Ė Love You son ♥

    Son Ė Mum, What If I Lose My Vision?
    Mother Ė Iíll Give My Eyes To You ♥ ♥.
    ...being a human...

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    great one buddy...............

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