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    Default The Involvement of State Governments in US Foreign Relations

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    The Involvement of State Governments in US Foreign Relations

    Samuel Lucas McMillan, "The Involvement of State Governments in US Foreign Relations"
    Publisher: ***rave Mac... | ISBN: 0230113257 | 2012 | PDF | 282 pages | 5 MB

    Offering conclusions for improving intergovernmental relations, determining international economic development strategies, and showing how many subnational governments are involved in world politics, this book examines how US states and governors connect to American foreign relations, tracing activities that began in the 1950s and have expanded with globalization. Chapters explain governors' foreign relations activities in political, economic, and defense contexts and how US states compete in the global economy. The book analyzes US states' ability to attract foreign investment and promote exports, making use of statistical analysis and personal interviews with state officials in the United States and posted abroad.




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