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    Default Bollywood sings to their moms

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    With Mother's Day on Sunday, stars and singers were all set to cheer their moms. They spoke to Patcy N and Nithya Ramani about their best mom memories, and also told us who their favourite screen moms have been.
    As you click on, please do check out these stars singing a special song for their moms.

    Shreyas Talpade, actor
    Claim to fame: Iqbal, Dor,Om Shanti Om,
    Fondest Ma memory: I was extremely bad in Maths. One day, my mother spent the whole day teaching me, but I just could not get it right. So she started hitting me with a ruler and soon the ruler broke.

    Instead of crying, I started laughing and asked her what she would hit me with now that the ruler had broken. She started laughing too. But of course, after that, she started hitting me with her hand.

    My mom is very special to me because she stood by me when I was struggling. I remember when I told her I want to join films, she said that she didn't know anyone who could help me and suggested that I look for a proper job instead.

    But seeing my convictions, she stood by me and kept pushing me. She attended the first day first show of my first film.

    Favourite cine mom: Everyone loves Nargisji in Mother India. But I also like Reemaji (Lagoo) in Maine Pyar Kiya. She was today's mom. Everybody felt their mom should be like that -- very friendly.

    Recently I did a film Aage Se Right where Bharati Achrekar played my mom. She has her own charm. She's slightly over the top, but is too good.

    'It was very difficult for mom to leave home and come with me to Mumbai'

    Monali Thakur, singer
    Claim to fame: Zara zara touch me (Race), Meow (Golmaal Returns)

    Fondest ma memory: There were times when I fought with my mother. But we would patch up immediately. During my struggling days, mom and I came to Mumbai while dad stayed back in Kolkata. I know it was very difficult for her to leave home and come with me to Mumbai, and struggle, but she never sulked.

    I would be out the whole day meeting people for a break and she would be waiting for me at home. I felt very guilty but she always made sure that I didn't feel that way.

    Favourite cine mom: Kirron Kher in Dostana. She was a typical mother. She loved her son so much that she accepted him the way he was. I think all Indian mothers are like that.

    'I was completely moved by the film, Stepmom'

    Shilpa Rao, singer
    Claim to fame: Khuda Jaane (Bachna Ae Haseeno), Saiyaan Re (Salaam-e-Ishq).

    Fondest ma memory: My mother was always by my side whenever I did anything -- whether it was right or wrong. Mothers are like this I guess. They are the best people in the world. When I got my first Screen award, I gave it to her.

    Favourite cine mom: I was completely moved by the film, Stepmom. I loved both Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts's characters. They were so selfless and generous, only thinking about the children. Susan's character was going to die and was worried what would happen to her children. On the other hand, Julia was trying her best to make sure the children did not feel their mother's absence when she dies.

    'My mother is my biggest support'

    Bela Shende, singer
    Claim to fame: Man Mohana (Jodhaa Akbar).

    Fondest ma memory: My mother is my biggest support. She's been with me at all my recordings. She knows what my mood is even before I realise it. When I come back from a hectic day, she makes my favourite dishes. She is equally inclined towards music, so all my songs are dedicated to her.

    I remember the time I was giving my board exams, which clashed with the finals of Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge. It was a very crucial time in my life. I was very upset because both were very important for me. She understood my tension and would motivate me.

    Favourite cine mom: Sulochana Latkar and Durga Khote.



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