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    Default Kat stamps her pretty feet

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    She demands seven costume changes instead of three for a music video for New York

    By Vickey Lalwani
    Posted On Friday, May 08, 2009 at 02:17:02 AM

    Coco Chanel once said: 'Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.' Recently, Katrina Kaif made sure she got her way and did the latter. Katrina put her foot down and said that she needed seven changes of clothes for a music video in Yash Raj Films' New York. The incident in question happened at Yash Raj Studios, Andheri.

    Initially, Aditya Chopra and choreographer Ahmed Khan had decided on three costume changes for Katrina. But keeping in mind her glamorous image, Katrina asked for four more.

    When Ahmed reached the sets, Katrina told him that three changes wouldn’t be sufficient. A surprised Ahmed did not agree with Katrina’s demand. Moreover, he knew that he would have to inform Aditya Chopra before giving in to Katrina’s wish. However, when Katrina politely told Ahmed that she would have it no other way he had no choice but to call Aditya who was busy in his office upstairs.

    Aditya told Ahmed that he was okay with seven changes if the choreographer had no problem. Thereafter, Ahmed told Katrina that she could have what she wanted.

    Once the green signal was given by Aditya, four additional costumes were arranged much to Katrina’s delight.

    Ahmed confirmed and said, “Yes, Katrina wanted seven changes in the music video. I wasn’t too excited with the idea initially, but when I saw the final result, I think she was right. The music video has worked out brilliantly.”

    “However, I made it clear to Katrina that seven costume changes should not eat into the time of the shoot, and it didn’t,” he added.

    • I wasn’t too excited with the idea initially, but when I saw the final result, I think she was right
    —Ahmed Khan

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