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    Default Movie Review: Will You Marry Me?

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    ‘Will You Marry Me?’ revolves around three thick friends Rajveer (Rajeev), Aarav (Shreyas) and Nikhil (Muzammil). Aarav, who has time and again failed to woo a girl, courtesy his nerdy nature, disapproves of Rajveer’s casanova ways, but guides handsome Nikhil to win his love. The threesome are happy in their own space, until hell breaks loose, when the bad habit of Rajveer to invest strangers' money in stocks puts them in soup. So much so, that it puts Nikhil’s marriage at stake. Meanwhile, Rajveer and Aarav fall in love with same girl Sneha (Mugdha). Will Nikhil be able to marry his dream girl and who will eventually win Sneha’s heart is the rest of the story.

    Story Treatment:

    Expectations are bound to surface when an actor like Rajeev Khandelwal is associated with the film, as he is renowned for backing powerful storylines, courtesy his hit flicks like Shaitan, Soundtrack and Aamir. But, this romantic comedy, unfortunately falls flat thanks to an extremely shoddy treatment given to a superb script. Thus, Rajeev too gets a clean chit as the film looks promising at the scripting stage. Mind-numbing elements added in terms of two men competing to woo the woman, extremely sleazy and unnecessary sequences and ultimately, an attempt to showcase characters as street smart with their approach towards the problems, leaves film in despair.

    Star Cast:

    Needless to mention that Rajeev Khandelwal yet again gives his cent-percent to film. But, overacting at few moments takes away the charm which is not expected of a seasoned actor like him. His cool-casanova attire too will face criticism. Ditto for Shreyas Talpade, who looks shabby after he pretends to be a cool dude for Mugdha, who shows improvement in acting skills. But, the real surprise is Muzammil Ibrahim, who is presentable and has come a long way from his debut film Dhokha. Manoj Joshi is unusually confident and disappoints with his act as an elite father. Paresh Rawal induces life in the film with a small, but pivotal role as an antagonist. Celina Jaitley as a filler is impactless.


    Aditya Datt has simply wasted a well intended script, by beating around the bush. The ironical part is- the title ‘Will You Marry Me’ has no reference in the film which makes it a dumb affair. Inane candy floss treatment further ruins substance less play. A painful and stretched screenplay refuses to help, barring a few sequences like one where Shreyas discovers being cheated,.

    Music/ Dialogues/ Cinematography/Editing:

    Music is soulful but breaks the flow of the story. Dialogues leave no impact. Cinematography is up to the mark. Editing could have been crisp.

    3ups and downs:

    Script, performances and music become the saving grace for Will You Marry Me which fails to impress with poor screenplay, dialogues and direction.

    On the whole, it's a one-time watch, only if you are a Rajeev Khandelwal fan, otherwise, this one can be given a miss.

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    Default Review: 'Will You Marry Me?' is disappointing

    Cast: Rajeev Khandelwal, Shreyas Talpade, Muzamil Ibrahim, Mugdha Godse, Paresh Rawal, Tripta Prashar

    Director: Aditya Datt

    Either the new age girls are too desperate to fall in and out of love all the time or they simply donít give a damn about anything other than their own selves. At least, the director Aditya Datt's 'Will You Marry Me' tries to convince this.

    The film is about three bachelors Aarav (Shreyas Talpade), Nikhil (Muzamil Ibrahim) and Rajveer (Rajeev Khandelwal) who along with eleven other college mates sign a contract which has two clauses. The first clause says that all of them have to purchase certain number of Reliance shares, and the second rule explains all the shares will go to the man who will remain unmarried till the end. Slowly and steadily people start to break away from the rule and only Nikhil, Rajveer and Aarav remain single. Nikhil is in love with his childhood friend Anjali (Tripta Prashar) and wants to settle down with her but the other two have no such plans, but they find the proceedings interesting after discovering Anjali's best friend Sneha (Mugdha Godse) at the wedding venue.
    Suddenly all the plans to remain bachelor till the end vanishes and the two start trying real hard to win Sneha's heart. Meanwhile one of Rajveer's friends gives him Rs 5 crore to keep but the sharp witted Rajveer invests the money in the stock market, only to find that the company he invested in has crashed and a powerful business magnate (Paresh Rawal) is after his life.
    Rajveer plans to convince Aarav to get married to Sneha so that he could get all the Reliance shares and can pay his due. All his plans go down the gutter when Aarav manages to listen to a secret conversation.

    The climax is uselessly dragged and doesn't evoke any enthusiasm in the viewer's mind.
    The camera work is ordinary, so is the editing but the real disappointment is the music of the film. Just one song 'Superman' catches some imagination otherwise the album is a dud.
    The portrayal of gay community in the film can raise some eyebrows. Their representation is not sympathetic.
    'Will You Marry Me' disappoints big time and the storyteller fails to weave any magic. Overall score can't go beyond 1.5 out of 5.

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    The movie looks good thanks for the review..



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