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    Thumbs up Priyanka Chopra’s parents robbed

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    Priyanka Chopra’s parents who reside on the same apartment of Priyanka in Raj Classic, Versova was robbed by their household help. On Tuesday morning when Priyanka Chopra learnt about the incident, she cancelled her shoot and stayed back. After interrogation, the culprit was discovered and the stolen money was recovered. A source reveals, “There was chaos at the Chopra home on Tuesday morning when Priyanka’s parents found some cash missing from their drawer.
    They had kept around Rs 25-30,000 to make payments, which disappeared. On finding the wads of cash gone, all the help in the house were summoned and questioned. Since the family has a big staff of helpers, it was getting difficult to zero down on the suspect. Priyanka was preparing to go for a shoot but decided to stay back till the culprit was found. Her parents threatened to call for the cops but none of the servants admitted to the crime.
    Finally, Dr Ashok Chopra called for the police and the man who’d committed the robbery confessed his crime. Priyanka’s father did not register any police complaint against the culprit as the robbery was small. After recovering the money, the man was kicked out of the house.

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