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    First things first. Jodi Breakers is not a copy of the Romain Duris and Vanessa Paradis-starrer Heartbreaker. Thatís what Madhavan wants everyone to believe. Claiming that the plot has been lifted, the makers of the Hollywood film slapped a case on Jodi Breakers and demanded a compensation of Rs 5 crore. ďSimply because two people fall in love in all film, not every film is a copy of Titanic, right? The court has dismissed all the cases. Itís just the profession in the film thatís the same. Itís a completely different story,Ē insists Madhavan.

    Maddy plays Sid, who realises that all his friends are miserable in their marriages. ďSo he starts a business with Bipasha Basuís character to break relationships that are going nowhere. ĎIf you think you are at the raw end of the deal, approach us and we will help you make sure that thereís no injustice done to youí is what we say to our clients. The business starts doing so well that they start getting greedy,Ē says Madhavan, adding, ďItís the kind of a film that has no loud dialogues. You will have a crazy, nice little idiotic smile in your face while watching it. Itís got its romance and even drama. The odd pairing of Bips and me has made it so anticipated that Iím a little scared now.Ē

    The raging trend in Bollywood these days is to retain the look in the film during promotional events. Maddy, whoís grown a handlebar moustache for the film, has kept it for promotions. Do these gimmicks help? ďIt doesnít help at all. I donít have anything else to do, so I just keep the look. Iím the only idiot who does one film at a time, so I can keep it. What really matters is the content hitting home,Ē he admits.

    The actor is headed for a three-month-break after he injured his knee while shooting for the Tamil film, Vettai. ďIím praying to God that thereís no surgery needed. But I have been advised three months of complete rest. Iím not shooting in the next three months also because I havenít got a story in hand. I need to recuperate and I concentrate on getting fit again. And since Iím not in need of too much money, itís all good,Ē he says.

    The actor has signed his first biopic, The Man Who Knew Infinity, in which he plays the gifted mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, but is discreet about it. ďI canít talk about it right now except for the fact that itís a film I have been looking forward to for a long time. Preparations for the role are
    on. I have done everything from sleeping on Ramanujanís cot to looking out of his window from his house on Temple Street in Kumbakonam,Ē he says.



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