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    Default Sapna Thakur joins Shappat!

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    The actress comes in as a new lady cop...

    Life OK's Hum Ne Li Hai...Shapath under the banner of Fireworks production is making decent ratings on the weekly TRPs charts,increasing week by week. The show which focuses on different crime stories, will now concentrate on one particular story for only about a fortnight.

    The Radhika Case went on for almost 45 days but in future cases would have a time limit of 10-15 days each.

    The latest we hear is that one more lady cop would join the gang. A source informs, " Sapna Thakur, the actress who has contributed much to Punjabi industry with 2 movies, will now, for the first time work, with small screen joining the cast of Hum Ne Li Hai...Shapath as Astha."

    "Aastha would be a one star cop, a very sharp lady and would now have a long running character in the show, "adds the source.

    We contacted Sapna and she confirmed the buzz.



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