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    Post WWE Officials Against Divas Match At WrestleMania, Eve Torres 'Explains' Herself

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    -- A match involving the WWE Divas is expected to take place at WrestleMania XXVIII although some company officials are against utilizing the women for the sake of it since the affair would take away time from the bouts people are most interested in seeing.

    It's also been suggested as the pre-show dark match.

    -- The February 18, 2012 episode of A.M. Raw scored a 0.64 cable rating with 755,000 viewers.

    -- In light of her actions involving John Cena and Zack Ryder on Monday's Raw SuperShow, Eve addressed fans during an unaired segment at last night's SuperSmackDown LIVE! show. The two-time WWE Divas Champion described herself as a "woman of class" and that she does not deserve the angry reaction she has been receiving. Eve admitted to using Ryder but that she is no different than everybody else.

    To see her speech as well as Zack Ryder's video response, click here.

    sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter,

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