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    Default Construction and Home Improvement Pack 11 of 19 - Masonry

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    Construction and Home Improvement Pack 11 of 19 - Masonry

    Construction and Home Improvement - Pack 11 of 19 - Masonry
    English | Publisher: N/A | ISBN:N/A | Collection Books | PDF | 966.54 MB

    This is my collection of Construction and Home ImprovementKnovel books. Pack 11 of 19.
    Collection's description:
    This is a library of applied technical books and videos.These books are geared at solving practical issues.Their subjects vary considerably and are geared at solving the most common problems or providing information about the most useful trades. Many of the books are DIY and/or Tips.I used quite a few of them.

    Subjects include:
    @Building Construction
    @Fireplaces Stoves and Related
    @Insulation and Weatherproofing
    @Regulations and Codes
    @Repair and Maintenance
    @Structural and Framing

    These are the contents of the Pack 11 of 19 - Masonry:
    (Architecture) - Structural Details In Concrete.pdf
    (Construction) Beall, Jaffe - Concrete And Masonry Databook (2004).pdf
    (ENG. CIVIL) CONCRETE PRACTICE - 3rd Edition [British Cement Association] 2002.pdf
    1-Structural Design of Precast and Prestressed Concrete Fo~B4E.pdf
    4248.0 Specified Density Concrete - A Transition.pdf
    AASHTO Reliability Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders. A EC, Spanish Norma & AASHTO Comparison - Nowak 2001.pdf
    ACI 116R-00-Cement and Concrete Terminology.pdf
    ACI 117-06 Specifications for Tolerances for Concrete Construction and Materials and Commentary.pdf
    ACI 210 R-93 Erosion of Concrete in Hydraulic Structures.pdf
    ACI 212 - Chemical Admixtures for Concrete.pdf
    ACI 222R-01- Protection of Metals in Concrete Against Corrosion.pdf
    Aci 224.1R-93 Causes, Evaluation And Repair Of Cracks In Concrete Structures.pdf
    Aci 224R-01 - Control Of Cracking In Concrete Structures.pdf
    ACI 230.1R-90 State-of-the-Art Report on Soil Cement.pdf
    ACI 301 - Specifications for Structural Concrete.pdf
    Aci 304A - Placing Concrete By Pumping Methods.pdf
    Aci 315-99 Details & Detailing Of Concrete Reinforcement.pdf
    ACI 318R-08 - Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete.pdf
    ACI 347_01_Guide to Formwork for Concrete.pdf
    ACI 363 - State-of-the-Art Report on High-Strength Concrete.pdf
    ACI 440R-96 Fiber Reinforcement For Concrete Structures.pdf
    ACI 504a - Guide to Sealing Joints in Concrete.pdf
    Aci Education Bulletin e2-00 - Reinforcement For Concrete Materials And Aplications.pdf
    ACI_318_02 Building Code Requirements For Structural Concrete.pdf
    Analysis of Concrete Structures by Fracture Mechanics.pdf
    ASTM 2004 - Volume 04.01 Cement; Lime; Gypsum
    Basic Masonry.pdf
    Beall - Masonry and Concrete, 2004.pdf
    British Standard - Bs-12-1996-Specification For Portland Cement.pdf
    Bs 5628-1-1992 Use Of Masonry Part 1 Structural Use Of Unreinforced Masonry.pdf
    Building - Masonry Construction Manual.pdf
    Building concrete masonry homes - Design and construction is.pdf
    Cement Chemistry 2nd ed - H. F. W. Taylor - Thomas Thelford.pdf
    Chapter 11-Seismic Design of Wood and Masonry Buildings(1).pdf
    CONCRETE - Micro Structure, Properties and Materials.pdf
    Concrete - Working With Concrete.pdf
    Concrete Materials - Properties, Specifications and Testing.pdf
    Concrete Mixing.pdf
    Concrete Repairs.pdf
    Concrete Slabs.pdf
    CONCRETE SOCIETY-Concrete_Industrial_Ground_Floors_TR34-2003.pdf
    concrete_cement material fE3-01.pdf
    Construction And Maintenance Of Masonry Houses(1).pdf
    Corrosion and Chemical Resistant Masonry Handbook.pdf
    CRC-Strengthening of reinforced concrete structures.pdf
    Curtin oo [Structural Masonry Designers Manual - 1995][architecture,building,survival,neatsfuff].pdf
    Design of Structural Masonry.pdf
    Diy Home Repair Guide Concrete Walkways.pdf
    Durability of Concrete and Cement Composites - M.M. Page - CRC Press.pdf
    Durability Of Reinforced Concrete - Effects Of Concrete Composite.pdf
    Engineering - Construction Guidelines for Clay Masonry - CBPI 2001.pdf
    Eurocode 2 - Manual for design of Reinforced Concrete Building Structures to EC2 (MAR2000).pdf
    Eurocode 2 Design Of Concrete Structures Concrete Bridges.pdf
    Eurocode 4, Design of Composite Steel and Concrete Structures Part 1.1 - CEN.pdf
    Eurocode 6 Design of masonry structures.pdf
    Eurocode 6, Design of Masonry Structures Part 3 - BSI.pdf
    Examples For The Design Of Structural Concrete With Struct-And-Tie Models - Reineck - ACI - US.pdf
    Frp Concrete Reinforcement Manual - Isis - Ca.pdf
    Guide to chemical admixtures for concrete.pdf
    Handbook Of Polymer-Modified Concrete And Mortars.pdf
    Influence of cement content on the performance of concrete.pdf
    Influence Of Coarse Aggregate On The Permeation, Durability And The Microstructure Characteristics Of Ordinary Portland Cement Concrete.pdf
    Influence Of Mix Proportions On Rheology Of Cement Grouts Containing Limestone Powder.pdf
    ISE [Manual for Design Of Plain Masonry In Building Structure - 2007].pdf
    Kong & Evans [Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete].pdf
    Loughran [Failed Stone - Problems and Solutions with Concrete & Masonry - 2002].pdf
    Manual Of Ready-Mixed Concrete.pdf
    Masonry - Some Secrets of Stone Construction.pdf
    Masonry and Concrete - For Residential Construction - C. Beall (McGraw-Hill, 2004) WW.pdf
    Masonry fireplace & stove - pub781.pdf
    Masonry Wall Construction - A Hendry, F Khalaf (Spon, 2001) Ww.pdf
    Material Selection Guideline for Structural Concrete Repairs.pdf
    Military - US Air Force - AFQTP - 3E3X1-14 - Structural,Concrete,Masonry,Carpentry,Welding.pdf
    Military - US Air Force - AFQTP - 3E3X1-16 - Structural,Concrete,Masonry,Carpentry,Welding.pdf
    Military - US Air Force - AFQTP - 3E3X1-17 - Structural,Concrete,Masonry,Carpentry,Welding.pdf
    Military - US Air Force - AFQTP - 3E3X1-19 - Structural,Concrete,Masonry,Carpentry,Welding.pdf
    Military - Us Air Force - Afqtp - 3e3x1-21 - Structural,Concrete,Masonry,Carpentry,Welding.pdf
    Military - US Air Force - AFQTP - 3E3X1-25 - Structural,Concrete,Masonry,Carpentry,Welding.pdf
    Military - US Air Force - AFQTP - 3E3X1-39 - Structural,Concrete,Masonry,Carpentry,Welding.pdf



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