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    At a recent awards event, Deepika and Sidhartha studiously avoided each other

    This was perhaps the first time they made a public appearance together ever since this newspaper broke the news of their split. But on Sunday night, Deepika Padukone and Sidhartha Mallya stuck to their respective turfs, making solo entries and solo exits from an awards function.

    An eyewitness at the event told Mirror, “In the past, at least eight out of 10 times, both Deepika and Sidhartha would avoid being snapped together. However, towards the end of the event, they would graciously give a photo opportunity, either posing together or walking out side by side.”
    In this case, however, things were quite different.

    According to the eye-witness, “Sidhartha walked in first, followed by Shah Rukh Khan and approximately seven minutes later, Deepika walked in, looking gorgeous in her beige gown. Earlier, this would have been considered as part of their strategy to avoid being caught in the same frame. But, this evening, they studiously avoided each other even when the camera was not focused on them. Neither did they exchange pleasantries, like friends.”

    Once the event was over, Sidhartha was seen coming out in a jolly mood as he had bagged an award and happily posed for the lenses. Curiously, no one, not even the paparazzi noticed Deepika leaving the venue. “It was almost as if she had vapourised from inside the banquet hall,” said the eye-witness.

    A new strategy perhaps?



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