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    Default ..:: Ya Allah... I'm Sorry!!! ::..

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    Ya Allah.....!
    It Hurts When I Have To Let Go The Things I Really Love..
    It Hurts When I Have To Lose Something That I Really Want..
    It Hurts, Allah
    It Hurts..

    But Believe Me, Ya Allah..
    I Will Feel Hurt Most When I Know Disobey You..
    It Hurt Most, Allah..
    Believe Me..
    Believe Me

    I Realize That I Can Never Live Without Your Mercy..
    I Realize That I Can Never Smile Without The Concious That You Are Pleased With Me..
    I Realize That I Can Never Lead My Life If You Are Unhappy With Me..

    I Am Sorry..
    I Am Really Really Sorry..
    For I Have Neglected You For Long Time..
    For I Have Loved Others More Than I Should Love You..
    For I Have Prioritized Others More Than I Should..


    ι уσυ נυ∂gє ρєσρℓє, уσυ нανє ησ тιмє тσ ℓσνє тнєм.

    "Time Can Make Us Move On.. But It Can't Fix A Broken Heart"..

    ~♥♥~ My One Hand is Enough to fight against the world if you Hold the other One....! ~♥♥~

    "The PEOPLE Who want to STAY in your LIFE will always find a WAY"

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    Nice Bro ......



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