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    It’s as if love was easy for all.
    Let me tell you it hurts when you fall.
    Having that stupid grin on your face.
    Thinking your number one in the race.
    When we think the truth is far from that,
    It’s all about who gets what first…whose the one who could be done fast.
    It’s like you can’t accept the beauty of it.
    It’s because your scared to lose, scared to get to get hurt by the hit.
    So what we do is try not to fall in any deeper, try not to love anymore.
    Who are we kidding, it won’t work, and it’ll just make you want to be with the person evermore.
    The distance just keeps the sparks alive but when we meet again, the fire burns ever so.
    Are we supposed to pretend? Looking at each other, denying what there was, what there is, and what has the possibility to be, I guess we should just keep feeling low.
    That smile drives me crazy, the idea of me and you together for an eternity.
    Can you sense my heart, and its beats…? It skips at the thoughts, of such a heavenly possibility.
    Alright so we both should stop hiding what we are feeling, and just go with each passing moment…
    It’s going to be amazing; it’s going to be out of the world, that I’m sure of that because the attraction between us is just so potent…

    Lyrics to a song that I liked to go with it :

    -Your presence still lingers here and it won’t leave me alone. These wounds won’t seem to heal. This pain is just too real. Theres just too much that time can’t erase… (Evanesence- My Immortal Love)
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    An Everlasting Summer Romance --- In Process

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    aww that wz nice sarah!!! TFS

    THnx so much Falu!!! So HOT!

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    this is a song..?

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    Thnks Kamala.
    No Payali I wrote it. lol
    An Everlasting Summer Romance --- In Process



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