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    Default Stand and Deliver NLP Public Speaking Presentation Skills

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    Stand and Deliver NLP Public Speaking Presentation Skills
    English | Mp3 | 320kbps | 48000hz | 2 channel | Jonathan Clark | 2011 | 507Mb

    NLP studies how the mind & language affect our behaviour – it’s a very pragmatic technology that teaches you how to use your brain, language and physiology to get the results you want. Nowhere is the effect of NLP more dramatic than when using it to transform your presentation skills. Top NLP Trainers have evolved an incredibly effective way of training, stimulating learning and unconscious change in their audience. We’ll give you a range of techniques that seem to work like magic.


    * Eliminate the fear of speaking
    * Gaining rapport with any size of group
    * How to achieve & stay in the ideal “presenter state” – relaxed, focussed & centred
    * Structuring your presentation around preferred learning styles to maximise audience retention and attention
    * Using specific gestures and postures to increase your impact & flexibility as a presenter
    * Controlling your audiences state of mind moment to moment
    * Using metaphors to speed both conscious & unconscious learning
    * A method of giving & receiving feedback that really works
    * How to maintain & manage the energy in the room
    * The secrets to increase your personal charisma and magnetism
    * How to handle criticism and heckling

    This is a step-by-step practical training, with each exercise building on the last. The home study programme consists of 2 days of live seminar training on CD, plus a full colour manual. Every step is taught, demonstrated and explained fully. You even get to hear the participants improve and polish up their talks step by step. Exercises are explained and all questions are answered. This is not just theory - this is real world practical how to that you can use everyday as soon as you've played the first CD.

    Anyone who has to stand up and speak to groups, anyone who educates, trains or presents, and who wants to make a quantum leap in the results they get. Or even for weddings, promotions or impromptu speeches. Practitioners and Master Practitioners of NLP who want to start training. And especially anyone who’s ready to let go of the fear of speaking in public!

    Product release: 2008

    2CDs ripped to mp3 + pdf manual (21 pages)

    CD1 track 1: length: 01:18:06
    track 2: length: 01:16:11
    track 3: length: 01:18:53
    track 4: length: 00:52:51

    CD2 track 1: length: 01:16:52
    track 2: length: 01:03:19
    track 3: length: 01:19:02
    track 4: length: 01:19:03




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