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    Default Sachin Tyagi is back with Namak Haram

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    After enjoying a short break with her two sweet daughters, talented actor and trained singer Sachin Tyagi is all set to re-enter the idiot box with the show Namak Haram to be aired on an upcoming channel Real. Let’s hear it from the actor about the show and his character in the serial, his future in singing and many more. Q. How come you got a break in television industry. Was acting your childhood dream?
    A. No, it wasn’t my childhood dream it’s just that people in my office told me that you are a handsome, decent looking guy. This inspired me to go for the auditions. Before getting selected I went through rejection thrice.

    Q. You are back with a bang but where and what were you doing all these days?
    A. I was working like a dog and because of that I wasn’t able to give enough time to my family. Then I took a six months break to see my daughters growing. Nothing is as beautiful as to see a flower blooming.

    Q. How you bagged this role?
    A. See I feel that if you do your work seriously and whole heartedly you will definitely be noticed. Even I was noticed for my work. And I had those some qualities which were required in my character.

    Q. Tell us about your role in the new serial?
    A. It’s like every individual who loves his family, his wife and he is a very good human being. But since there is nothing called as completely good or completely bad, at one point time his character changes and he uses his wife for some business purpose.

    Q. The title of the show is Namak Haram. Is it anything to do with the old movie Namak Haram?
    A. No, it is nothing like that. It’s just that the director’s found it the most suitable title and there are many situations where the wife will find the husband to be a Namak Haram.

    Q. When will this show be aired on television?
    A. This show will most probably start by March first week.

    Q. Tell us about your experience working with Narayani?
    A. No doubt she is a great actress and she is much more senior to me. It was a great experience working with her. She makes you feel so comfortable that it becomes really very easy to work.

    Q. Tell us something interesting which happened on the sets and your experience while shooting for the show?
    A. See I am very bad at noticing and remembering things so I can’t really help you out with the interesting things which happened on the sets. Yes talking about experience it was a great one as we got to travel to different shooting locations like Delhi, Panchgani and Wai.

    Q. Do you think that even Channel Real will be able to establish its name like colors?
    A. Yes, definitely it would be able to establish itself as this channel is giving opportunity to new actors. It is also encouraging new concepts and creation of different types of serials. We are not creating the same Saas Bahu or Balika Wadhu but we are working on creating something which has never ever been taken on television. We are fresh and I am sure the audience will enjoy the freshness and variety now.

    Q. Your upcoming projects…
    A. I am working 27 days in a month for this serial and as of now that’s more than enough for me but yes in future as I am a good singer and a winner of the singing reality show, I would like to launch soulful album of my own.

    Q. Your Holi plans? What do you do on Holi?
    A. Nothing, it’s just like another holiday for me. I really don’t get much of excitement during Holi or Diwali .Yes, my children play with colours and I give them company, that’s it.

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