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    Default '106' year old man gets married

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    Sometimes when people get old they stop looking for love. These two lovely seniors in Japan did the opposite when they got married recently.

    Pan Xiting, 106 years-old, and Chen Adi, 81 years-old, met eight years ago and just recently were married.

    ?Now, we are a family and we will never separate from each other until death,? Pan said.

    Pan?s first wife had passed away more than 20 years ago and Chen?s ex-husband died 11 years ago. They deny their love was at first site, but grew over time as Chen was taking care of Pan.

    The couple is one of the oldest to have ever been married and were three years short of their combined age from taking the Guinness World Record.

    Record or not it is a great story of love and youth of heart and we wish them the Best of Luck !

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    Awwwww thts so adorable.
    tfs sheraz.
    An Everlasting Summer Romance --- In Process

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    oh wow dat is nice but weird Lol

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    amazing' it should be called something great name

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    dont sound amusing



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