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    Default Was 'Bipasha' a last minute inclusion in JODI BREAKERS?

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    The song 'Bipasha' is all over the music channels and the lady-at-the-hot-seat, Bipasha Basu, is heard claiming that she was a little jittery before consenting to jive to a song that was designed on her personality. However makers of JODI BREAKERS have spilled the beans and declared that even though the song was composed later in the day, a slot was reserved for it from the very beginning.

    JODI BREAKERS poster

    Says director Ashwini Chaudhary, "See, audience have certain expectations from Bipasha and you can't deny them the joy of seeing her in the avatar they like to see her in the most. They want to see her as a glamorous woman. Thankfully the character of Sonia that she plays in the film is also that of a modern urban girl from today's time. Hence there wasn't much that we have to add to that since it would anyways have suited Bipasha. However we did underline that a little and added in further bits so that her presence in the film could be further justified."



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