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    Default Gauahar and Nigaar to fight in Khan Sisters

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    High drama in the upcoming episodes of UTV Bindass’ peep-reality show Khan Sisters. What will exactly happen? Read on to find the answer. A simple game of Pictionary at Nigaar’s home will turn bad when Nigaar will get upset and ask one of Gauahar’s friends to leave the house and never come back. Gauahar will also get offended and storm out of her sister’s house saying , “she does not feel it to be her house too.” The fight will take an ugly turn when Gauahar, along with her friend, will go house-hunting in Mumbai.

    But their troubles will not end there. Gauahar and Nigaar’s brother will visit them on the occasion of their parents’ anniversary and learn about the fight. Not only he but their mother will also get upset with the tiff between the two sisters and stop answering Gauahar’s calls.

    Hmm…quite a grim situation, we must say. So will the sexy sisters reconcile and if yes, then is it possible that underneath the layers of amiability will lie a storm of animosity?

    To find the answers tune into the Khan Sisters today evening (4 February 2012) at 7 pm.



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