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    Default JODI BREAKERS: Divorce as celebration

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    In the Indian social set hitherto marriage was an occasion to celebrate and Hindi cinema used it as a metaphor or as a pivot to situate a film. But the times are changing. Marriage as an institution is not that sacrosanct now and divorce has become a common thing these days. Therefore it has become an occasion for celebration, and indeed theme parties are now being organized around divorce, and to put it in perspective a film is also on offer starring Madhavan and Bipasha Basu, JODI BREAKERS going to hit the silver screen this month.

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    JODI BREAKERS as the title suggests indeed is a team that believes in snapping off a relationship if it is not working properly, so that both the individuals are able to find a new beginning to their life. As a matter of fact in our country, the social and the family pressure is such that the pair of husband and wife , if they are not hitting off, cannot separate as well, under the perceived notion that the social stigma would not allow them to live their natural life post separation legal or illegal. But now that level of education and awareness has increased in the present generation, they are not inclined to fester in a relationship, and that is what the message of JODI BREAKERS seems to be.



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