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    Default Guy Chasing the Miss Perfect... || bE mY valEntiNe

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    Guy Chasing the Miss Perfect...

    Men want a woman they can talk to and who they can share a laugh with, says

    FROM simple to sexy, coy to bindaas, homely to professional — men have eternally been chasing the elusive Miss Perfect. Has the definition changed for the metrosexual man? Or do they still want their women to be a combination of intelligence, beauty and confidence? And, at the same time, someone they could take home to their family.
    "On a brighter side, the avant-garde man is more practical and accommodating. But scratch the surface and you will find that the wish list remains the same. His head is full of the 'perfect woman' who massages his ego, looks good, is good to his family and tosses a salad for him when he's back… someone who fits the tagline 'neighbour's envy, owner's pride'!" says Tuhin A. Sinha, 31-year-old bachelor and author of 22 Yards.
    But 22-year-old Bharat Kundra, winner of Mr Grasim 2007, a software engineer and theatre actor, wants his woman-to-be everything rolled into one, but on her own terms! "In today's fast-paced world, relationships are instant, so are material and physical pleasures. What remains are values and a sense of spirituality. I'd definitely like my woman to be at par with me or maybe ahead, but she has to have a healthy mind, body and spirit," says Kundra.

    Is the alpha woman ready to take up the challenge? "I think it's important in this time and age to move beyond genderspecific roles in par tner ships. There isn't a problem per se with having high expectations of a partner, especially if it's in the spirit of growth and evolvement. It's like that movie with the line — 'You make me want to be a better man/woman'. I think a positive relationship can do just that," says Advaita Kala, author of Almost Single.
    For television actor Aman Verma, his woman, even though it sounds clichéd, has to be one with a sense of humour. Wit is something that really turns him on. "She has to be able to laugh, with me, at herself, at me…"
    Some like humour, while some a bold attitude. Polo champion Uday Kalaan is comfortable with his woman wearing the pants, both at home and outside. "It's unfair to expect the world of her. She can't be everything." For actor Tusshar Kapoor "she has to have a personality — a mix of matured outlook and beauty."

    The evolution is obvious in both the male as well as the female characters. If the modern man is changing nappies, then the woman is donning pants as well. For each alpha male, there's an alpha female. This is what Andrew Go, director of Mills & Boon India, has to say: "Besides his broad shoulders and tall frame, the Mills & Boon hero has a sensitive side. He has to prove constantly to his woman that he's worthy of her! He realises that women are more independent and empowered, hence he has to evolve too." In short, he knows she won't take things lying down.
    So, who is Miss Perfect? When we asked around, 'connect' is the word that was top on the list. Most men look for a mental as well as a spiritual connect, a way to communicate. None of the guys wanted a trophy wife whom they couldn't talk to. Career and a certain amount of values featured high on the list. It's okay if she guzzles an occasional beer with her buddies, but her conduct and body language shouldn't embarrass him. It's okay if she swears, but she should respect people who matter to him. Slight jealousy is 'sweet' until she goes psycho!
    Roll over, believers of hackneyed phrases like: "a tigress in b e d … " , "way to a man's heart is through his stomach", the metrosexual man is jittery about his performance score card and as for cooking, they believe in takeaways! Take a chill pill, girls!
    ...being a human...

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    Thanks for Sharing

    “ιƒ уσυ נυ∂gє ρєσρℓє, уσυ нανє ησ тιмє тσ ℓσνє тнєм.”

    "Time Can Make Us Move On.. But It Can't Fix A Broken Heart"..

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    Really amazing thanks for sharing...

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