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    Default Hrithik Roshan caught on camera using abusive words

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    He has just been barely out of his last controversy, and now actor Hrithik Roshan is apparently stuck with another one. He has been caught mouthing tabooed words in a video clip apparently taped by choreographer Flexy Stu. Flexy is choreographing Hrithik in his forthcoming ‘Kites’. The clip shows co-star Kangana Ranaut practising her dance steps with a female assistant of Flexy. Moments later, Hrithik walks in and joins the dance rehearsals. At the video’s end, Flexy pans the camera and introduces Hrithik. In response, the star points towards Flexy and says: “This is the baddest m****r f****r in the world.”
    Although the words are not meant to be abusive but in fact introduce Flexy as a tough task master, but sadly it doesn’t go down well with many of us. The two-minute clip has become a hit in the internet world and also offended some of the fans who want the video to be edited or completely removed.
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    Woooooooo, Thanks !!!
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    thanks for sharing. i tried to embed the video but it wasnt working. the link is better



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