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    Default "Vivek is extremely talented and dedicated" - Kumar S Taurani

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    By Taran Adarsh, April 28, 2009 - 08:52 IST

    Kumar S Taurani The Tauranis have made several big-budget ventures over the years. Kumar and Ramesh Taurani have produced some great entertainers, their last hit become the smash thriller RACE. Now Kumar Taurani is ready to unveil his new film PRINCE. "One should speak only when the time is appropriate. It's no point talking when your film is in rough stages. Now that PRINCE is almost complete, it's time to do the talking," Kumar Taurani tells me.

    PRINCE is a big-budget fare starring Vivek Oberoi in the lead. Shot entirely in South Africa, the film is a stylish entertainer that co-stars three new leading ladies. Taurani has entrusted the directorial responsibilities to Kookie Gulati, who has directed a plethora of music videos for Tips. "Kookie came up with a riveting story, which I liked instantly. He had planned everything on storyboard. I could actually visualise my film even before we started filming," he says.

    Taurani is extremely happy with Kookie's abilities. "He has made a wonderful film. It's very difficult to classify it in any particular genre because something like PRINCE hasn't been attempted on Hindi screen before," he states.

    The grapevine is abuzz with the news that Taurani has spent a fortune on the film. But is the project viable, given the fact that Vivek isn't going the best phase professionally? "There's no denying that I have spent a packet. As for the project being viable or not, I wish to add that we have always made films with actors who suit the roles. In fact, right from SOLDIER [Bobby] to RACE [Saif], the actors weren't going through the best phase till these films happened. I hope PRINCE will change all that for Vivek, who is extremely talented and dedicated to his craft," he says.

    Taurani also refutes talk that the brothers have parted ways professionally. "That's a misconception. Ramesh is making his films, I am making mine. It's just that we've divided our work," he says.

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    lol i live in sa and i dont know about these movies being shot here

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    Thanks !!!
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