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    Default I'm a hard core romantic: Ekta Kapoor

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    Ekta Kapoor, the queen of soaps, is back again with her new show Kya Hua Tera Vada on Sony Entertainment Television. Ekta speaks about her new show, romance Dirty Picture and kitchen politics shows.

    What you have to say about Kya Hua Tera Vada?

    Itís fun to work with Sony channel again. This is not a typical show, I have taken an oath in life that I will not do shows only for TRPs. I want to do shows that will change the society. I like this show because it has everything that I believe in.

    Why Mona Singh for this role?

    When you see an actor like Mona on television you realise the power of a good actor. If you see the scenes on screen you will realize that it can be done only by Mona Singh. There is no other actor who can pull it off so nicely, like being a happy-go-lucky house wife. She is happy with life and is not sobbing all the time. She is in a middle class life and happy with what she has. I make shows with actors who bring their own aura and personality in the show. My mom, my aunts all wanted to see Mona Singh on the screen because they liked her, they want to listen to her stories and see her acting.

    Is the concept inspired by real life?

    Actually itís not inspired by one person, it is inspired by a lot of people. I have friends who are married for 10 years and they have only one thing to say which is, ďmarriage is a very interesting institutionĒ. Itís a place which starts with a lot of romance and promise, but at a later stage these promises break. But, after years the only thing that stays back is togetherness and comfort. So at the end of the day is that good enough or the initial romance? Lot of men choose romance and after 10 years they fall into extra marital affairs.

    Is your show anywhere based on extra marital affairs?

    Yes, it is somewhere based on that.

    Nowadays titles of serials are with songs, so you think it adds a brownie point to the show?

    It doesn't matter at all. Itís just a name, if the song is matching your title then itís a great thing. I had kept Bade Acche Lagte hai because I loved the song. Itís just about the song being beautiful and it doesn't connect with the audience.

    You were hooked on the K factor but now you have chosen names with different letters. Comment.

    The K factor is back now with Kya Hua Tera Vada. I have stopped getting stuck on one alphabet. If you do that then people expect the same kind of shows from you. All the shows get the same identity and people compare it with each other.

    You have also moved away from Kitchen Politics now?

    Hopefully, I have come out of a lot of things (laughs). But, I would love to go back to kitchen politics I love doing that. House dramas always work with the audiences. I'm doing these shows because I needed a break from all this.

    The timing for this show is similar as Kahani Ghar Ghar Kii at 10 so do you think you will be able to rule the 10 to 11 slot again?

    Hopefully, we can do that. I am going to try my level best and leave it to God and let him decide the destiny of this show.

    If we keep the TRPs and audiences aside then what kind of shows would you like to make?

    I would make romantic films and shows.

    So are you a romantic person in real life?

    Oh yes, I am a super romantic person but have no one to romance with. I have never done anything special in the past. I'm very boringly romantic, I'm just romantic in my mind, I never do anything. I am very scared, shy kind of romantic person (laughs).

    You have introduced a lot of newcomers in shows and now youíre getting back the old faces, so do you think old is gold and works better than the new ones?

    Pavitra Rishta was a completely new cast show and it clicked for us. Actually, itís easy to show newcomers in a simple story but when you are showing a huge complicated story or difficult stories then you need that kind of performers. An actor has to perform on two layers and at that time you will have to go to actors who can actually do it. Itís definitely like Old Is Gold.

    What's next after The Dirty Picture, do you plan another one?

    I donít believe in planning, a film becomes a cult on its own. So, for now I'm just making a lot of movies let's see what happens. There are stories in which I really believe and there are some in which I don't believe at all but are good for the company. I feel we should never predict an outcome. The filmmaking is in our hands but not the outcome.

    Do you plan to make The Dirty Picture into a television series?

    No, I would never make Dirty Picture on television. It can never be made as a TV show. It was meant to be a film and it worked wonders for us.

    You recently said you would love to launch Sakshi Tanwar in films, so what kind of films are you think for her?

    I would love to make a film with her. If I ever get a script which is good for Sakshi I will first call her. She is definitely a film material. And I see her in grown up romantic films, love stories I think she will do an outstanding job in it.
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