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    No Maps for These Territories (2000) [Part 1]
    English | 44mn | DX50 | 624x368 | 2004kbps | 29fps | MP3 | 192kbps | 700 MB
    Genre: Documentary

    Gibson talks about his own personal philosophies, experiences, and opinions about the media-saturated culture in which we live. The conversation provides a compelling glimpse at the radical, genius writer whose 1984 novel Neuromancer forever changed the concept of the Internet. Gibson also describes his need to distance himself from that breakthrough novel, and his other topics -- post-humanity, the "mediated" world, drugs, the birth of cyberpunk, technology and pornography, his method of writing, and much more -- combine to provide a definitive portrait of Gibson on the cusp of a new millennium, as the real world evolves to resemble the world of his fiction.





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