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    Post Made of veggies, this racing car is powered by chocolate

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    Experts have designed a new racing car which is made of vegetables and powered by chocolate. The car is slated to hit speeds of 145 miles per hour
    when it is launched next month.

    A team from the Warwick Innovative Manufacturing Research Center at Britain’s University of Warwick said it has built a Formula 3 car, running on 30% biodiesel derived from chocolate waste, with a race-spec steering wheel partly made of carrots and other root vegetables. Parts of the front wing and the mirrors are made of potato starch and flax fiber. No gingerbread or jelly beans were harmed in the making of the car.The car, named ecoF3, has a steering wheel made of carrots, a body made of potatoes and a seat made of soybeans, the New York Times reported.

    James Meredith, who heads the project at Warwick, worked in alternative fuels (including natural gas) at Ford of Britain before his university appointment. “The car isn’t on the track yet, but the engine is running well on a dynometer and we plan to take it out for track testing in two weeks,” he said.

    The goal of the project, he said, is “to show what is possible. People love motor racing, and the trick is to do it in a more environmentally responsible manner. A racing car doesn’t have to harm the planet.”

    Warwick has 15 partners in the venture, including the racing team Lola Cars. Lola supplied a 2005 chassis and considerable expertise in parts fabrication. Meredith said the F3 car (with a much-modified BMW 2-liter, 4-cylinder turbodiesel engine) should be capable of hitting 145 miles an hour, but he admitted it may not be competitive with the latest track cars.

    The chocolate-based fuel has garnered much curiosity .“Anything with a fat in it can be turned into diesel, and that’s what we’ve managed to do,” Meredith said. The waste chocolate is from Cadbury’s in Birmingham.



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