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    Thumbs up Preity and Nessís official statement about the break-up

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    Though there has been widespread speculation about the on/off relationship between Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia in recent months, the actress has now made it official. It is learnt that Preity has sent an e-mail to her Kings XI Punjab team members stating that the Bombay Dyeing scion her business partner and her presently share only a cordial working relationship. Says a source in Cape Town, ďAs there has been a lot of buzz about their personal equation, Preity being extremely professional, felt it was important to clear the air. She owed it to her team members, so she sent an official mail to those associated with the team. Now there are no more hushed whispers when both Preity and Ness are around nor are people uncomfortable around them. It is really mature of her to be so straight and clear cut about her personal and professional life.
    Apparently the actress does not want the Kings XI Punjab to be distracted by anything last of all with anything to do with her and Ness. She only wants them to concentrate on the game, so she took upon the onus of making the facts known,Ē adds the source.It is further learnt that though Preity has been open and forthcoming, Ness has not told his parents (Nusli and Maureen Wadia) or his brother (Jeh) about the changed personal equation with the actress. However sources close to the couple say that Ness and Preity are on a break, and have not broken up. They are taking time out to figure out if they can work out the differences. Sources in Cape Town add that Preity is staying in a hotel where other stars like Shah Rukh Khan and Shilpa Shetty are staying.
    Ness, on the other hand, has rented a service apartment for his stay. As co-owners of the team, the duo has been sharing a common platform for the IPL-related events.ĒBut the warmth and affection between them has now gone kaput. It is clear for everyone to notice,Ē says the source.

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