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    Talking ~> How do You Know When You're In Love? <~

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    How do you know when you're in love

    is it the crazy things you do

    is it the fact that my heart skips a beat

    everytime that i think of you

    Is it the fact that I can't sleep at night

    when your image is in my head

    Or is it the fact that I can't stop smiling

    after every word that you've said

    Is it the need to hold you in my arms

    and keep you there forever

    Or is it the fact that I wrote you a poem

    and sent it to you in a letter

    Is it this awful feeling deep inside

    whenever I have to take you home

    Or is it just being here without you

    that makes me feel so alone

    Is is this hunger deep inside

    that longs for your kiss

    I am so happy that I'm in love

    for there are so many things I would miss

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    Very nice ji!!

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    very nice

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    Thanks !!!
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