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    Default Freida DOES a Marilyn Monroe

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    Freida Pinto has been voted as one of the twenty most beautiful women in the world by Vanity Fair magazine. The Slumdog Millionaire girl has wore high-end brands since she became a global name and has even bagged big Hollywood films.

    The Mumbai girl in her latest photo-shoot for Vanity Fair has gone a step further from all the photo shoots she had done so far by shedding the clothes and sporting nothing but a red bikini top and yellow polka dot fitted short pants!

    The picture reminds one of Hollywood sex goddess Marilyn Monroe, the only difference being Freida is not sporting blonde hair in the pic. Freida?s red lips, red shoes and outfit is all Marilyn.

    Now, it definitely doesn?t seem difficult to visualize Freida as the new Bond girl.

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    She looks terrible!!!

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    Thanks !!!
    <img src= >

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    lol she is ugly

    thanks for sharing



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