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    Default Amazing New Technology from Japan

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    Amazing New Technology from Japan

    It's hard to believe what's ahead until you see these pictures
    and read the explanation of what they are. Our future is here,
    incredible! What an age we live in.

    Look closely and guess what they are.

    Are they pens with cameras?

    Any guesses? No clue yet?
    Ladies and gentlemen...You just looked into the future!
    You've seen what will replace your PC in the near future.
    Here's how it works:

    In the revolution of miniature computers,
    scientists made great developments with blue tooth technology.
    These are the forthcoming computers you can carry in your pocket.

    This 'pen-like' instrument produces both the
    monitor and the keyboard on any flat surface
    from where you can carry out functions you
    normally do on your desktop computer.

    PLZ>......Add..Repution ...if you LIKE...

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    ι уσυ נυ∂gє ρєσρℓє, уσυ нανє ησ тιмє тσ ℓσνє тнєм.

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    Wow Really Awesome..............



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