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    Thumbs up Hrithik Roshan asked to shed weight

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    Girls, take heart. The slim fad frazzles everyone. Even super fit Hrithik, who you thought was perfect, was asked to lose inches before a clothing brand shoot. They say one can never be too rich or too thin. Ask Hrithik Roshan who was asked to shed his muscles in order to look lean before he shot for a clothesline ad. This despite the fact that Hrithik is one of the fittest actors in the Hindi film industry. A close friend of Hrithik said, “The brief given to Hrithik by the ad filmmakers was that they wanted him to sport a lean look.
    Being the perfectionist that he is, the actor was determined to work towards achieving his new look even though papa Rakesh Roshan wasn’t too happy with the fact that his son was going to shed his muscles. Rakesh Roshan argued with Hrithik asking him not to shed any weight or muscle as he would soon start working on Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s next untitled film and the lean look would not suit his character too well. But Hrithik stuck to his decision and decided to get lean as he wanted to do justice to the ad.
    While Hrithik earlier had a muscular body and a 30-inch waistline, his waist is now 28 inches,” added the source. And here we thought that only actresses needed to worry about their waistlines.

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    thanks alot for sharing!

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    Thank you very much



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