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    Default Bipasha will direct a film

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    Basu will soon direct a film. After nine years of acting Bipasha is beginning to understand the technical aspects of cinema.

    And she won’t let all just ... well go to ‘waist’, playing the floor-burning sizzler.

    And she admits she’s aiming to direct a film in the not too distant future.
    “I’ve learnt on the job. I now understand script, character, choreography, camera angles. So I guess I do see myself directing a film. Because I know I’ll be fantastic with things to do with things from behind the camera.”

    It all started with her interest in the way she looks. Styling has now become crucial for Bipasha. “Nowadays I take a lot of interest in the way I look. I’ve become conscious of what suits me. I wont do anything that I don’t follow or don’t feel comfortable in. Fortunately we’ve such capable choreographers. They know I’m not a professional dancer
    . So they give me movements that are fun, more me. I’ve extra-long limbs. So I need steps that don’t dwarf the other dancers. I understand all that now. For one of the songs[/ in Aa Dekha Zara I went for very Afro-American look. It was the look that I thought suited the situation. My other song was very funky and flamboyant.I want to create variety and excitement for myself. It’s the only way I can keep audiences interested.”

    Bipasha loves performing live on stage. “I’m now getting a hang of it. Even John has gotten over his inhibitions about dancing. The idea is to just let go and have fun. First you’ve to get to that stage of relaxation on screen. The stage follows.”

    Bipasha’s home is now renovated and she’s ready move back in at May-end. She’s planning a big house-warming party. “It’s now reached the final stage of completion, the lights are being installed, the surfaces are being polished. It’s a very exciting process.”

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    thanks alot for sharing dear monu!



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