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    It seems that Vivek Oberoi’s lady luck continues to shine. If the latest buzz in town is to be believed, Vivek is dating none other than Vidya Balan. Both the actors met at designer Shabina Khan’s place and hit it off from the moment go. It was more of a friendship initially, however with time it seems to be developing into something more. Says a close friend of Vivek, “The first time they met, Vivek was cracking a lot of jokes and Vidya was laughing a lot. The bonding was quite immediate and they exchanged numbers too.
    With time, it has become such that Vivek mentions Vidya multiple times in any conversation.”The friend further adds, “Recently, Vivek was shooting at Film City and was happy to discover that Vidya was shooting there too for another film. They met frequently whenever they were not shooting. And whenever they were busy shooting, they kept in touch through SMSes.” Apparently, the relationship is growing so fast that “Vivek is keen on taking Vidya to his house and introducing her to his parents.
    Going by Vivek’s word, they are going great guns. We just have to wait and watch to understand whether it’s another limited edition love story or a timeless one,” the friend quips.
    Both Vivek and Vidya remained unavailable for comment.

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    Thank you very much for sharing.

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