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    Default Deepika Padukone on the cover of M

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    In this dark phase of Bollywood, where there's no new film release due to the ongoing strike, the cover photo of Deepika Padukone in the latest issue of 'M', comes really as a breath of fresh air, since it illuminates the whole atmosphere with her radiance.

    The interview with the OSO girl gives the readers an insight of what the real-life Deepika (minus the star) is all about! Little Miss Deeps goes on to talk all about her happiness, her 'normal' childhood, that 'special man' who never failed to impress her even once (and no…it's not Ranbir). Well, read on more to find Deepika's take on sexy woman, arm candy, money, fame and yes…the 'secret of being sexy'.

    If you really want to know the difference between the 'reel-life' Deepika and the 'real-life' Deepika, then, this issue of 'M' is a M-ust!

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    Thanks shahid!

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    Thank you very much !!!



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