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    Default [Manga] Chobits - Complete 8 Volumes

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    [Manga] Chobits - Complete 8 Volumes

    In the near future, personal computers (or "persocoms") are designed to look like beautiful young girls. They're really useful — with a persocom, you can play games, read your e-mail, keep track of your personal finances, surf the Internet, even download porn. That's why cram school student Hideki Motosuwa would love to have his very own persocom. The problem is, he can't afford one. One night, though, he finds a discarded persocom in the trash and takes it home. She can't do any of the things he wants a persocom to do; in fact, she can't do much of anything except say "Chi," so he decides to name her that. Chi's not like any persocom anyone's ever heard of, and her operating system is missing. Despite all that, she has an amazing capacity to learn, and she really starts to grow on Hideki. Things are really starting to look up for the hapless Hideki... until Chi's mysterious past starts to catch up with her.
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