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    Default No hikes in recession: Arjun Rampal

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    Would you like to come down for the second edition of Kolkata Fashion Week?

    Kolkata is special. I have been privileged to spend time in the city and make some great friends there. I like to go there whenever I can.

    You walked the ramp with wife Mehr at the fashion week in Mumbai...
    It was fun. But I still get nervous walking with Mehr, because she is so good on the runway.

    What was it like, shooting an ad film with Nicole Kidman?
    Nicole is a thorough professional. It was amazing to see how she would go about doing things. Also, sheís very beautiful. The entire team was superb. The ad is stylish, sexy and humorous.

    Was she aware of Bollywood and the fact that you are an actor?
    Who doesnít know about Bollywood? After all, we churn out movies in such great quantities every year! People across the globe know Shekhar Kapur. About me, Nicole knew that Iím an actor. Someone must have told her. It was truly surprising!

    Buzz is that you gifted her a designer sari ...
    Nicole didnít have much time to shop. So Mehr, picked up a lovely sari for her. Nicole was touched and she thanked me 18 times!

    Is a Hollywood venture up next?
    Not that offers donít come my way, but to interest me, the script has to be really good.

    Your next Bollywood act will see you as a politico in Rajneeti. Prakash Jha, we heard, put you through rigorous research work...
    As an actor, itís my job to prepare myself for a role. If the character is realistic, one canít go wrong. I observed a lot of politicians before getting into the shoes of this

    What about donning a real politicoís hat for a change?
    If Iím sure of a person and his potential in politics, and if I know he will live up to his promises, I wouldnít mind campaigning for him. I believe in the dictum, Ďnever say neverí. You never know, I might end up joining politics. But this LS polls, Iím not doing anything. Iím already running against time to get work done.

    So, whatís keeping you busy?
    Apart from Rajneeti, thereís Housefull by Sajid Khan and Kunal Avadana by Prakash Dwivedi. Fox will also release this year.

    Havenít you given direction a thought, ever?
    Itís hugely difficult! Right now, Iím establishing my and that will take up my time for the next couple of years.

    Buzz is that youíve hiked your fees post Rock On!! ...
    Hike? In times of recession? People who spread such rumours must be crazy! Iím aware of what the country is going through now, and hiking fees isnít in great taste.

    But didnít VJ Rannvijay replace you in Action Replay because you asked Vipul Shah to double your fees?

    Thatís so untrue! Vipul Shah never said that. And he couldnít have either. The reason why I left the film has nothing to do with money. Itís that issue which an actor might have with a director, thatís best left unknown to the rest of the world.



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